Missing Homecoming


            Ever since I knew I was going to be at Harvard this year, when people would ask me if I was going to NCCU’s Homecoming this year, I would always say, “Nah. Harvard is playing Dartmouth that weekend.” I was joking of course, but I always knew I was gonna miss homecoming this year. This is the first time I have ever missed Homecoming. I heard M.C. Lyte, one of my favorite rappers turned the Cabaret out. I know Gamma Beta was there in full effect. Hopefully, somebody will post some pics somewhere. I’ll be back next year when my line, “The Prophets of Rage,” celebrate our 20th year as member of Alpha Phi Alpha. For the record, we won Homecoming, spanking Edward Waters 34-14. Oh yeah, Harvard beat Dartmouth 35-7.


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  1. I’m so glad that you decided to start a blog. It’s such a great experience! I look forward to following your journey at Harvard.

    GO BISON! HU for LIFE!

  2. St. Aug’s homecoming was held over the weekend also. This was my first time going back since we’ve had a football team. I had a great time but they shouldn’t have St. Aug, Shaw or Central’s homecomings at the same time. This was the 20th anniversary of the class of 1988. I was feeling old until I got up there and saw some of my classmates. I guess we show age at different rates. (Some aged more gracefully than others.) By the way, we won as well even though I missed most of the game because of tailgating.

  3. Ernie, congrats on your fellowship.

    I was at NCCU all weekend covering early voting and will be there all day tomorrow to follow students who are door knocking/transporting voters.

    The blog looks great. Hope you get what you need from your experience. God bless.

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