Guess who’s coming to lunch?

Me and Anna Deavere Smith at the Lippmann House

Me and Anna Deavere Smith at the Lippmann House

One of the great things about the Nieman Foundation and Harvard in general is that everyone eventually makes it on campus. We get emails every day it seems about some event or speaker on campus. Donna Brazile and Desmond Tutu? Didn’t have time to see them. Actually, I didn’t even know about Tutu until I saw South African Nieman Fellow Thabo Lesilo who was showing me photos he took when they went out to dinner the night before. U.N. Secretary General. Fred Thompson. Andre Previn. The list goes on and on. I did see Al Gore deliver a major environmental speech in the outdoor Tercentenary Theater, between Widener and Memorial Church. We have also had a host of stars come to the Lippmann House to address the Niemans directly, including; Maxine Isaacs, who was Walter Mondale’s press secretary during his 1984 run against Reagan; Laurel Thatcher Ulrich, the author of “Well-behaved Women Seldom Make History;” Andrew Kohut, President of the Pew Research Center; Three-time Pulitzer Prize winner Stanley Forman, who shot, “ The Soiling of Old Glory,” (which happened right here in Boston); Presidential advisor and CNN star David Gergen; and former presidential candidate Thomas J. Vilsack. One of our best events was a lunch with actress Anna Deavere Smith, who was in town for an amazing performance of her one-woman show, “Let Me Down Easy.” If she comes to your town, go. At lunch, she shared with us her motivations and about how her works relates to journalism. I have always been a fan of her television and movie work and it was a pleasure to meet such a lovely woman. Can’t wait to see who visits us next.

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