Maybe I enjoy pain. Or I am trying to make up for what I didn’t do at NCCU.

            But I am taking six classes, four days a week. Mondays – Gates/Higginbotham and Shelby; Tuesday Carpio twice and O’Donovan; It slows down a little bit on Wednesday with just Gates/Higginbotham; before picking up again on Thursday, with Carpio once, O’Donovan and Biodun Jeyifo. Thursday is also diverse in times. One class is 90 minutes. Another an hour. And still another 2.5 hours. And none of them ever let us out early.

            Aside from the classes, I also have 3 sections, which are smaller, more detailed classes taught by Teaching Fellows. The sections are for Gates/Higginbotham; Carpio’s Humor class and the Spike Lee class. Carpio also holds a Wednesday night viewing from 7 p.m. until 9 p.m. So to recap, 6 classes, 3 sections and 1 viewing. It is a miracle that I ever make it to Yoga.           

            Oh, and this doesn’t include the obligations I have for the Nieman Foundation. Soundings on Monday nights; Seminars on Wednesdays; and Shop Talks on Fridays. I swear, if I didn’t have my calender on my brand new iPhone, which is phat by the way, I wouldn’t know if I were coming or going.












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